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History of Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza

In 1961, volleyball lovers among Toyoda Gosei employees gathered and formed a team. They made a makeshift court in the backyard of a company dormitory building and started training on the muddy ground.

One day, the team participated in All Toyota Athletic Meet where athletes of various sport events from all Toyota group companies gathered for competitions. There, the team suffered a crushing defeat. The players were stunned with the miserable result and bound themselves to be stronger. This was the birth of Toyoda Gosei Men’s Volleyball Team.

After two decades of continuous effort, the team shifted from nine-people to six-people game in 1981, setting out to join a Local Volleyball League. Around the same time, Toyoda Gosei determined to support the team, placing it as an official corporate volleyball club.

The strong backup from the company enabled the team to have an efficient club organization and a better training environment. Three years later, in 1984, the team finally entered the Local Volleyball League. However, it took another ten years for it to join Japan Corporate Volleyball League, which was its longtime hope.

However, in the following years, the team recorded boobies two times in the Corporate League, and demoted back to Local League again. The company conducted a fundamental reform of the team by inviting former All Japan Team players, which successfully lead the team to win back the position in the upper league.

In this year, the team name was officially changed to Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza. The name is a combination of Italian and Spanish, standing for “three” and “powers”. At a time, the company motto was “Intelligence, Strength and Spirit”.
“Three Powers” reflect this company slogan.

In 2006/07 V Premier League, Trefuerza advanced to the final round for the first time and won 4th place. The rankings in the following years: 4th in 2009/10, 6th in 2011/12.

In June 2013, Anders Kristiansson joined the team as the first foreign head coach in our history who has long experience in leading Sweden's National team and top club teams all over the world. He brought the progressive result of finishing the 13/14 season at the 5th.


  • Shuzo YAMADA
  • Shohei UCHIYAMA
  • Issei MAEDA
  • Hirotaka KON
  • Naoya SHIRAIWA
  • Takuya TAKAHASHI
  • Koichiro KOGA
  • Ryota DENDA
  • Takuma TAKAMATSU
  • Hideaki OKAMOTO
  • Igor Omrcen
  • Yusuke KUROSAWA
  • Taichiro KOGA
  • Taichi KAWAGUCHI
  • Toshihiro YOKOI
  • Kazuhiro FUJITA
  • Norihiko AMAKAWA
  • Masato KUBOTA
  • Kazuki HATASHI
  • Keizo SASAKI
  • Naoko KATO
  • Matsune MIZUKAWA
  • Takao OKI
  • Kazuya SATO
  • Takashi FUKATSU
  • Goran PERSSON
  • Kazuhisa FURUTA
  • Takeshi MAEHARA